The Night Scene

Long after businesses have locked their doors and Tacoma settles in for the night, you will still hear the whistle of a steaming espresso machine and the the circadian rhythms of conversation emanating from the doors of Bertolino's Coffee. It's the social hour for night owls; a place to practice the art of conversation or become intimately acquainted with a good book. It's the home of the term paper, the chess match, and the friendly face. It is the end of a long day, and for a few, the beginning of a long night. Whatever the reason, life is here, because we're open 24 hours.

Pull up a chair or lounge on the couch. Enjoy a mocha, an americano, or a latte, whatever suits your taste. Day or night, good day or bad, we're there.

Bertolino's Coffee Bar
2421 So. Union Ave., Ste. L#2
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 383-1867 - Phone
(253) 383-1925 - Fax


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